How to
Buy $HEC
Where (3,3) becomes (4,4)

How to
Buy $HEC

Where (3,3) becomes (4,4)

Let's Build Wealth

  • When you have paper hands, you sell too early.

  • When you have diamond hands, you HODL until you reach your goal.

  • When you have smart hands, you stake and move towards WEALTH!

Market cap




Circulating supply


Treasury Balance


What is Hector DAO?

Hector is a decentralized protocol based on the $HEC token – collateralized and backed by the Hector DAO. $HEC will be the reserve currency on Fantom. In order to maintain price stability Hector will use the Algorithmic Reserve Currency algorithm and will also be supported by other decentralized assets.

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Treasury Revenue
LP Fees & Bonds

Liquidity Pool fees as well as Bond sales increase Hector's treasury revenue. They also lock in liquidity and help to control the HEC supply.

Treasury Growth
Hector's Treasury

Treasury inflow is increasing the Treasury Balance and backs outstanding HEC tokens and regulates staking APY.

Staking Rewards
HEC Token

Compounds yields automatically through a treasury backed token with intrinsic value.